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Electrics keep tripping?

Do you turn the kettle on and the electrics trip? Kids charge their phones at the same time through that extension lead and the electric trips out? When your electrical supply cuts out in your home, known as ‘tripping’ then there is a fault somewhere that needs addressing.

At A Pearson Electrical we can carry out a faulty finding assessment to see what the root cause of the tripping is and then correct is quickly and most importantly safely. Normally it is down to a faulty electrical appliance that just needs replacing but sometimes the fault is in the main wiring itself or the main fuse box and thats where the professionals need to be called. At A Pearson Electrical we will call on you in an emergency if needed so if your electrics won’t come back on or just keep tripping and you don’t know what to do, give us a call.

Having an extension, conservatory or loft conversion?

Many people are making home improvements, needing more space for growing families or wanting to add value to their homes. One way of doing this is to add an extension, conservatory or loft conversion. All extra building work is going to need an electrical supply which is completed to current Part P regulations which A Pearson Electrical can carry out for you.

It is key that all your electrical needs in your new room are future proof so thinking about what appliances will be used in the room, how will the room be used, is it for a study, bedroom or somewhere for occasional use. This will help you to decide how many sockets to have, types of sockets and where the supply should be placed. We can help and advise in this process. So if you are planning new building work give us a call.

What does Part P mean?

You may have heard the term ‘Part P’ if you are looking at having electrical work completed on your home or business. In 2005 the Government introduced electrical safety rules into the Building Regulations for England and Wales. This means most fixed electrical installation work in homes must, by law, meet the building regulations. Part P states that anyone carrying out electrical installation work in a home must make sure that the work is designed and installed to protect people from fire and electric shocks. Part P applies to any changes made to existing installations, including any parts that have been rewired. In April 2013 further changes were introduced, reducing the range of electrical installation work that is notifiable - removing some requirements in kitchens and outdoors.

A Pearson Electrical is Part P registered so we know what can be carried out, what requires notification to the council and the certification process. All the work we carry out complies with Part P regulatory standards and we deal with ‘the red tape’ for you, saving you time, hassle and money.

No Hot Water!

We all wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom and expect hot water from our taps and nice warm radiators in the colder months to keep the chill from the door. Typically peoples hot water and heating system tends to breakdown in the cooler months. Most heating systems nowadays run of an electrical supply from the boiler, through the pipes to the thermostats on the wall. So we all rely on our electrics for our hot water systems to work properly. Sometimes they do breakdown which is where A Pearson Electrical can help.

We can fix your electric fault to get your hot water and heating system up and running in no time. We specialise in working on all types of electrical water system so give us a call.

What causes an electric shock and how to prevent it happening.

If there was an electrical emergency at your home or work would you know what to do? What would you do if someone got an electric shock? We all use electrical equipment from the moment we get out of bed in the morning and can take this source of power for granted but it can be dangerous. Electric shock can be caused by any of the following:

  • Faulty appliances
  • Damaged cords or extension leads
  • An electrical appliance coming in contact with water
  • Faulty household wiring

At A Pearson Electrical we can carry out a full safety assessment of your home and appliances to minimise the risk of electrical accidents like shocks or electrical fires. We can tell you how to use your electricity supply safely like not overloading power sockets, leaving equipment running for too long or overheating appliances. If you have any concerns about sockets, lighting or wiring in your home give us a call today!

Surge Protection – What is it?

Sometimes a property can experience a surge or spike in electricity supply. This is very short, normally less than a second. The surge can range from a couple of hundred volts to millions of volts. An electrical surge can occur due to lightning strike, power returning after a power cut, contractors cutting a pipe or turning on a large appliance for example. A Surge can destroy the micro components in many electrical appliances, both large and small. So what can you do? If buying a new extension lead or internet lead purchase one with a surge protection unit. We can also install a surge protection unit to your main supply which protect the whole property by limiting the electrical supply during a spike. Call today to find our more.

Keeping your business running – Electrical support.

Commercial business, private or public sector, schools and offices all rely heavily on electrical equipment to keep things running. From whole school lighting to USB sockets for office suites, from large scale industrial machinery to the kettle in the staff room, they all need electricity to function. Most of us have been at work in a power cut and work simply stops.

Regular inspections, PAT testing, upgrading equipment and wiring are all part and parcel of running a business or keeping an enterprise operational. Today it’s not only businesses that have to keep a check on the financial bottom line, schools, care homes and local councils have to balance the books too making savings where possible.

We can help keep the costs down with energy efficient lighting, money saving heating installations and cost effective electrical wiring and sockets. Specialising in both large and small scale projects we can help. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you and how much money you can save.

Does your Spark really know their stuff?

We all know that electricity is something not to be messed around with so most of us have the sense to bring in the professionals. But how do you know that your Electrician is qualified? Unfortunately, there are many trades people out there who claim to be fully qualified, time served Electricians who are not what they claim to be. Electricians carrying out installation work in England and Wales have to keep to Installation & Building Regulations.

DON’T BE SHY! - As a consumer you are entitled to ask for certification and proof of training and registration of any official body or association. Many Electricians carry a card with proof of their registration and competency in Part P. You can also ask for references from previous customers.

At A Pearson Electrical we are certified, time served and are always up to date with current IEE legislation certified by City & Guilds of London Institute in Electrical installation work. In addition, we are NAPIT registered approved contractor and Trust Mark certified.

How to know if your house needs rewiring.

We all know that the electricity running through our homes is via an intricate wiring system incorporating metres and metres of wiring, a fuse box, sockets and switches. It is used day in day out, through the night, constantly year after year. So when does it start to wear out and when does it need replacing. Most houses built before 1984 are not ‘earthed’ which can increase the risk of electric shocks. Take a look at sockets and switches to see if they get hot when used, are there any exposed wires anywhere? Is your fuse box mounted on wood, if it is then the wiring probably dates back to the 1960s.

A Pearson Electrical specialise in carrying out rewiring surveys to assess the need for a rewire in your home of building. This could result in a recommendation for a partial rewire, replacement of the fuse box or a complete overhaul. So give us a call to arrange a wiring survey today

Electrical Fires - Don't take the risk

There are around 20,000 electrical fires a year in the UK, 2500 injuries and 45 deaths (Government Office of National Statistics UK). Scary statistics you will agree. At A Pearson Electrical we are strict on safety, our team is fully trained and qualified to install, replace and update all types of electrical circuits and products. It may be tempting to save some money and complete a DIY job on your electrics but is worth becoming one of those statistics?

Cooking appliances, electrical supply including wiring, cabling and sockets, washing machines, tumble dryers and lighting make up over 90% of electrical fires in the home. So if you are thinking of installing yourself, don’t! If the appliance isn’t working properly don't investigate, get it checked properly. Let the experts do it and give A Pearson Electrical a call.

Technology overload?

Smart phones, iPads, laptops, kindles, e-readers....the list is endless! Our houses are becoming full of technology we love but they all need charging on a regular basis. This leads to the usual scenario of trying to find a plug socket, removing a plug, forgetting to change it back and the frustration builds until now.

A Pearson Electrical now install USB plug sockets allowing you to keep your stereo, TV or lamp plugs in place and still be able to charge your phone or tablets whenever you want. No more finding your phone not charged because someone else in the household has put their device on charge instead, so everyone is kept happy.

It is essential that these sockets are installed by a fully qualified electrician due to the increase in circuitry and voltage changes required. Our team can check your sockets and wiring to ensure these sockets are safe to use and the electrical system in your home or office can incorporate these new sockets. If we find that the electrical system needs upgrading to accommodate the new sockets we can complete this for you too.

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